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Online sportsbooks in U.S. post early odds on 2012 NFL Week 1

 It may be months until the start of the 2012 NFL games, but the USA online sportsbooks have already posted odds on Week 1 matchups between the football teams. While the is the first time we've seen the NFL betting odds being posted so early before the actual season begins, it represents a great opportunities for the bettors. Early odds, while more gamble than anything else, are still a good way to put in some wagers in the ballpark. One never know what could happen during the months leading to the start of the 2012 NFL season (or any other season for that matter), and while this is not a good wait to bet on sports, it's a perfectly acceptable gamble. The trick is to wager small and look for upsets possible during Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season.

 You can see the point spread and betting odds on the actual games of NFL Week 1 at 5Dimes sportsbook, but let's briefly touch up on the future odds of winning the next Super Bowl (yes, those betting odds are also already posted by the sports betting websites in the USA). Interestingly, at both 5 Dimes and Intertops, to of the best USA sportsbooks, we have the Green Bay Packers favorite to become the next football champion with odds +625 and +600 respectively by sportsbook. The betting list is followed by the Patriots with +700 odds and the Houston Texans (what do you know) who are third in the ranking of most likely to win the Super Bowl next year - with +1000 odds to win.

 As you can see the odds on the next NFL Champion offer quite the substantial payout even for the favorite - you would get more than $600 back for every $100 wagered. And while it's pretty hard to predict the next NFL winner so early before the start of the season, nevertheless, the payouts are insanely high. Head on to the bookmakers we've mentioned to see the full list of odds or to place a wager on the NFL games.

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